Tozai Boeki Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “our Company”) fully acknowledges that personal information should be treated with care and undertakes to ensure the proper protection and use of such information based on the following “basic policies.”

1. Collection and use

Our Company collects and uses customers’ personal information, based on customers’ consent, after specifying or notifying of the purpose.

2. Providing to third parties

Our Company never provides or discloses personal information collected from our customers to third parties unless the customers’ consent is obtained or we are required to disclose it pursuant to laws. However, to provide our customers with useful information about products /services offered by our Group, customer information in our possession may be provided to the above-mentioned companies. In such cases, the information will be used only for each company’s operations.

3. Entrustment

When our Company entrusts operations, including our customers’ personal information, to external agencies, we place these agencies under an obligation to thoroughly protect the information provided.

4. Proper management

Our Company endeavors to manage our customers’ personal information in an accurate and updated condition. Furthermore, we take preventive and security measures to prevent manipulation, loss or leakage, etc.

5. Disclosure, correction and

5. Disclosure, correction and deletion

When customers request disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information, our Company will deal with it according to stipulated procedures, unless special procedures are provided by laws, etc.

Tomoo Maekawa
President & CEO
Tozai Boeki Co., Ltd.