e-BID Plus Renewal

①          Please turn on “ON⇔OFF” button when you bid.
If you turn on the button during an auction, it does not take active immediately.
The “ON⇔OFF” button becomes activate at the next machine.
②          Ultra-low latency Video / YouTube LIVE / Photo
Ultra-low latency Video・・・To get more realistic feeling of our parade auction, we installed ultra-low latency video(Less than 1 sec delay) to e-Bid Plus for those who cannot visit us.
You Tube LIVE・・・It will be delayed by about 5 sec.
*We strongly recommend watch live movie from only one PC from one place because internet connection rely to user's internet condition.
If there are multiple connections from same place, live movie might get unstable or freeze.

Please check the detals by clicking below link.